Thursday, June 12, 2008

1983 Star Wars Activity Book

You wanted more, and you've got it -- I've scanned in full-size versions of nine more pages from the 1983 Star Wars Activity Book I posted about the other day; you could print them out and fill them in if you wanted, but I think the real pleasure to be taken is in just
looking at them.

You'll see Yoda's head replaced by a crossword puzzle, a Tusken Raider's face covered by a maze, and more! And don't miss the geometric beauty of "Who's Tailing Luke?", "Take Cover", and "Not Wanted" (color it in to figure out "something that is not wanted in Endor Forest").

Yoda Crossword Clues

Yoda Crossword Puzzle

Who's Tailing Luke?

Take Cover!

A-mazing Tusken Raider

Doodles of Droids

Find The Hidden Objects

What's In The Forest?

Not Wanted

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