Monday, October 27, 2008

No Power Without Accountability

Another great song from Billy Bragg. Caution: if you're a right-wing nutjob you may not agree with the sentiments expressed in this song. He explains (before he sings) that the struggle used to be between capitalism and socialism, but these days what's more important is the struggle between capitalism and accountability.

The song itself starts at 3:10 -- feel free to skip ahead to it if you would rather be entertained than indoctrinated.

I grew up in a company town
And I worked real hard til’ the company closed down

They gave my job to another man
On half my wages in some foreign land

And when I asked, "how could that be any good for our economy?"
I was told nobody cares, so long as they make money when they sell their shares

P.S. This is why YouTube is so great.

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