Monday, December 01, 2008


I've got an email account that I use when I know I'll wind up on a list somewhere -- my spam account, if you will. Here's what I've gotten lately:

View Your Credit Report
Brazil is Booming - Buy Land
You're not crazy, Everything is really FREE
I found you a new job
The incredible pet nail trimmer [a product my wife had actually already bought!]
Stop Snoring So Everybody Get's A Good Night's Sleep
You're Hired - Check for Positions in your area
Invest in the worlds hottest emerging market! BRAZIL
Create the life you've always wanted
Uncensored Internet Television Now Available
Find the One For You
郝瑞英,您好 [I have no idea what that even means]
24k in 25hrs ... take my next challenge
Seeking financial freedom? The secret is out...
Chat and email FREE with local singles
Holiday Cosmic Glassware on SALE
Brazil Land Rush! Private Beach lots from $20K
You Could Qualify for a Complimentary Meter for Diabetics
Meet your Mate
New Message: Can you beat today's high IQ score?
New Pastel Coffee Mugs Just In

1 comment:

Chandira said...

I am richer than Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and T Boone Pickens with all the Euro lotteries I've won lately.. About eleventy zillion dollars' worth!