Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona IS on the path to Nazi Germany, regardless of what some say.

Rabbi Cooper, you're wrong (as quoted in the Los Angeles Times). I know we all make comparisons to Nazi Germany far too often, but this is a case in which it's appropriate. And though I was uncomfortable saying it loud, I refuse to sit by and not say anything. First, your rights are abrogated based on how you look. The... next step could well be, "All you foreigners who are here legally can wear this badge so we know who you are." It's a dangerous, slippery slope, and if we ignore this just because improper comparisons have been made before and we're afraid to tell it like it is, we're allowing evil to flourish.

(If you want to read what he said, check it out here.)

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Jack Steiner said...

The law is wrong and misguided. It should be changed. I am not sure that we want or need to compare it to Nazi Germany.

I think that our City Council made a mistake with voting to boycott Arizona. There are other ways to apply leverage and to effect change.

Of course I have to disclose that I think our mayor is awful, but that is a different story.