Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The New Bootleggers

You Can’t Cash My Checks

It’s so hard to stay honest in a world that’s headed to hell
You can't make a good living these days cause the fruit just won't sell

So if you go out my back door
Just over the hill
You'll see all these plants
That's been paying my bills

But you can't cash my checks
And you can't feel this hunger
You can push me into cold water
But you can't hold me under
Jamey Johnson, singer song writer

From an article in Mother Jones magazine: The New Dealers we learn how more people than we realize are making ends meet. I personally know two such individuals who grow and sell, neither can get work for various reasons. These are the new bootleggers who are not getting rich, but are just making ends meet.

In a forthcoming post you'll see that our elected officials are only interested in their wealth, not your well being nor the country's so long as it conflicts with their money grab.

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