Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"The penis book"?

My wife is on the phone right now with another rabbi, and just said to her, "I had to look something up in the penis book today."

She is now claiming there's a book written by some guy named Shlomo Penis, but I tried Googling it and got nothing.

So what's up with that?


Chandira said...

LOL... I'll have to look for that one!! Doh! Now I'll be on Google all afternoon.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Are you teasing me again?

Shlomo Pines, he is French. Honestly, I am not sure if you really pronounce it penis in French or if that was just a bit of rabbinic school humor, but he wrote the translation of Guide for the Perplexed that we used in school and we used to call it the penis book.

How do you have time to google penis and how much porn came up when you tried it?

Attila said...

If yours isn't in there, is that a good or a bad sign?

Chandira said...

Wife, I didn't actually Gogle if your question was addressed to me, for that very reason!! lol

I get enough weird junk emails as it is, I don't ever go looking..