Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On The Mark -- Poppycock

The rhetoric about how the Iraqi government and military need to be able to stand up for the country is nothing but poppycock. That's like saying the Little League World Series champs should be able to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers if they really wanted to.

The only strategy left at this point is to pull all the troops and technology (which can take the place of thousands of troops and miles) back to ring and secure the borders (including the oil fields, of course, since that is why we're there in the first place) and then let everyone else fight it out among themselves until there is a singular enemy left. I'd like to say we should just leave, but this country is not prepared for dealing with what would result in the Middle East from that action (e.g., dependence on oil).

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B2 said...

How about we just double the amount of money currently dedicated to building that wall between California/Arizona and Mexico, and put up a similar wall around Baghdad? Then we can have a nice, stable environment for the burgeoning democracy Bush envisions, and we can let the rest of the area act as they please.