Friday, May 04, 2007

On The Mark -- Chasin' a Dream

I had the pleasure of being in Studio A at the legendary Capitol Records Studios last night to hear a live performance by a new artist, Michael Cialdella. Michael, performing in the same studio where the likes of Sinatra, Martin and other greats made their albums, and where The Beatles held their first press conference in the U.S., is a total inspiration. Knowing that he wanted to be a musician practically from the day he was born, he gave up a successful career as an entertainment lawyer a few years ago to pursue his true dream.

Recently, with the help of a two-time Grammy-winning producer and musicians who played with artists such as James Taylor, Michael produced his own album and was named Best New Artist at the New Artist Music Awards in Hollywood. He's distributing his music today the way many musicians will be distributing their music tomorrow. His website, created by a Newport Beach, Calif. company called Vimation, is already light years ahead of what any other musician is doing -- and it's truly interactive.

Michael is an inspiration to many as he chases his dream. Just a few years ago he was sitting in his apartment playing songs to an audience of one. Today he's playing in the same studio as the Chairman of the Board.
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