Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Conspiracy Theory -- Believe It or Not!

Civilization is a conspiracy. … Modern life is the silent compact of comfortable folk to keep up pretences.
John Buchan (1875–1940), author

There is an interesting two-page advertisement in the New York Times. I can’t find it online, just in the actual paper. It’s a letter from Paul Kuntzler, president, Court Reporters Transcribers, asking for his materials back from the Washington Post, specifically a video titled “The Men Who Killed Kennedy, the Final Chapter, Volumes 1 and 2.” According to the letter/advertisement the Post has been very slow in returning his materials and it still has not returned Volume 1.

He goes on through the two pages to detail the conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy. He says that Lyndon Johnson was involved, Richard Nixon was involved, George H. W. Bush, who then headed the CIA, was involved; Gerald Ford, who headed the Warren Commission, was involved, and Arlen Specter, who was a lawyer on the Warren Commission, was involved.

It is quite an interesting advertisement and makes one think twice about the entire conspiracy theory. What makes me think there may be more credibility to it than I had ever assumed is the recent political events that have led to George W. Bush’s election and many of the surrounding events.

The 2000 election snafu where the Supreme Court jumped in too soon, the 2004 Ohio voting snafu, President George W. Bush’s blatant high-handedness in doling out favors and political appointments to unqualified friends, the entire unnecessary war in Iraq, and the fact that Bush is just a front for Dick Cheney’s agenda.

I am not so ready to dismiss the conspiracy theory as I once was.


Chandira said...

Me neither. I usualy write those theories off at least partly, but lately? It's enough to make the most hardened skeptic think again about the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Paul Kuntzler. He is not only the "president, Court Reporters Transcribers", but the only employee. All his employees quit because they weren't receiving their paychecks. His "theories" on a conspiracy are nothing more than a rehashing of what has already been said by others.

airborne3502 said...

the problem with any conspiracy theory is that "three people can keep a secret when two of them are dead."

whether it was "9-11 was a controlled implosion", or "we knew about pearl harbor ahead of time" or "jfk"....they all depend on some very incompetant people suddenly being capable of very elaborate planning.

The Misanthrope said...

Airborne, I agree with you 100%, but sometimes doubt does creep in.