Sunday, July 08, 2007

Revenge Pooping:
The Worst Kind of Pooping

So my family and I were on vacation for a little while... sans poodles; they were being boarded chez in-laws, and so for ten days they probably sat staring out the window-in-law wondering if we'd abandoned them forever.

So we got back to town, picked them up, and brought them back to the B2 homestead... and we are still experiencing the horror of revenge pooping.

As you can no doubt guess, revenge pooping is when your pets, in an effort to get back at you for a perceived slight or injustice, take to ignoring all training and expensive dog doors (if available) and intentionally poop IN THE HOUSE.



For days on end.

Revenge pooping: the worst kind of pooping.


Pirate said...

Hey, B2, Misanthrope. Good to hear your voices again. I'm back for awhile, maybe.

The Misanthrope said...

When Daughter was very young, she must have done revenge barfing. We came home and were greeted with a trail of baking soda as the baby sitter didn't clean anything up, just poured baking soda over all the spots from the downstairs to the upstairs bedroom.