Sunday, May 04, 2008

Family Guy "Bullfrog" Clip

I have nothing to be ashamed of when I saw I like "The Family Guy" -- I'm a guy, after all, and therefore allowed to have such amusing shortcomings. (The fact that my wife watches it with me? Well, that's her big ball of shame.)

Tonight there was a great sequence that I had to share with a friend, and this seemed like the best way; so please enjoy the accidental largesse therefore laid at at your feet.

Fans of the show know it is characterized by drawn-out sequences that usually have nothing to do with the plot; this is a case in point, in which Peter's son is upset about girl problems and so he tries to cheer him up with a gift. (Please forgive the rough quality and the Frankenstein's monster-type splicing -- all I had handy was my point-and-shoot phone, which has a 30-second video capture limit.)


B2's wife said...

You know I watch under duress just to keep you company. How often do I groan and express shock that what they do is on TV? Just for that I am going to make the next 5 movies on our list total chick flicks.

I had my eyes closed for most of the frog scene, but I loved hearing you laugh.

Brian said...

I'm a Family Guy fan--we own the first 3 seasons on DVD--but I thought that was a joke that just went on too long. It dragged on like an SNL skit from the 90s.