Friday, May 02, 2008

On The Mark -- Performance Anxiety

Exxon Mobil yesterday announced its financial results for the last quarter. Analysts and investors are up in arms about it. They're unhappy. The company's unhappy. Consumer activists are unhappy (for different reasons).

Exxon made ONLY $10.9 billion in PROFIT.

Shame on them.


Chandira said...

I just emailed you a thing I got from a coworker this morning about a Saudi Prince and his $4.8M diamond car! Have yet to check that out on Snopes, but....

It's actually a really cool car, too! I hate to say it.
Although, I can't imagine driving it in a really sunny climate, you'd dazzle all the oncoming traffic and cause accidents right and left.

Chandira said...
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Chandira said...

Again, minus typos.

Oops, I should check to see who actually posted that!! I sent it to the Misanthrope, I hope he forwards it to you, On The Mark! :-)