Thursday, August 27, 2009

Diehard Baseball Fans

"The only way you can become a legend is in your coffin”
Bette Davis (1908-1989), actress

The local news reported this as new, but coffins decked out with your favorite baseball team’s logo and colors are available to those who fill the need for additional attention at their own funeral.

In defense of the local newscast, maybe the Los Angeles Dodgers are just the latest team to okay their iconic graphics to grace the final resting place. I looked for a photo of the Dodger casket but could not find one, so the Mets will have to suffice.

I would not be surprised to discover the Los Angeles Dodger owner Frank McCourt agreed because he thought he could collect fees from fans in perpetuity.


Jack Steiner said...

As long as we never hear Scully hocking one of these all will be fine.

The Misanthrope said...

Jack, I can hear the ad now: Dodgers fans start every evening in the afterlife as if you were in the ballpark. Pick your favorite Dodger game called by Scully or pick a variety of games so your loved is not bored -- "Hi everybody, and a very pleasant evening to you, wherever you may be..."

Attila said...

The Mets. How appropriate.

/Mets fan

Teresa said...

That's horrifying. Simply horrifying. The wife agrees.

There is no shame in the licensed products industry. Nor on the part of those who license their logos.

But can I just compliment you on your ability to post entertaining blog entries that are short and to the point? I can't seem to say ANYTHING in less than 1,500 words (which is why you'll never find me on Twitter).

The Misanthrope said...

Hi Attila, I know you are a very loyal Mets fan -- you and my wife. I just read that the Mets have about $88 million of their payroll on the disabled list. Yikes!

Hi Teresa, there is no shame for some when it comes to making a buck. Thank you for the compliment. However, you articles are very well written and very informative, as well as interesting.

Chandira said...

That is hilarious, in a totally twisted kind of way.. Ack... That's why I love your blog.. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! Good to hear from you! :-)