Monday, February 13, 2006

A Bit Off Centered, for Now

Somehow, a bachelor never quite gets over the idea that he is a thing of beauty and a boy for ever!
Helen Rowland (1875–1950), journalist

I am on my own and it’s a whole new experience.

It’s taken me two weeks to finally get around to going grocery shopping. Once in the store, I really didn’t need that much. I purchased some cashews, a bottle of cheap red wine to go with the spaghetti I planned to have that evening. A case of bottled water because after two nights without any sparkling or regular bottled water, I vowed, as Scarlet O’Hara did in “Gone with the Wind,” as God is my witness, I shall never be without bottled water again. I purchased some microwave popcorn. A few cans of soup, which has become my dinner on most nights.

I have yet to cook anything and most likely it will be a while before I venture into that territory. My source of food has been my friend’s pizzeria. Get all my pick orders at half price. Mostly, I order minestrone soup, a side of meatballs and a slice of garlic bread. The pizza I have delivered on Friday’s.

Saturday, I dropped off clothes at the dry cleaners. I asked how much the shirts were to have cleaned and I was told $3.75. I was shocked and immediately called the ex and asked how much she paid. She didn’t know, she just paid it. I settled for having the shirts laundered for $1.75. But, if all they do is wash them and press them, then maybe I can do that. Once I buy an iron and ironing board.

My pictures are still situated on the floor around the place, because I need someone to help me hang them, otherwise everything will be off center and crooked.


B2 said...

For your shopping list:

1. Betty Crocker "Warm Delights" instant microwaveable cake

2. wash and wear dress shirts

3. a level (to help hang those pictures)

Jack Steiner said...

I kind of like the off centered look.

Rags said...

Buy another bottle of wine, consume and then hang the pictures. You can then call it art.

But seriously, having "been there, done that" myself, best to you. It ain't easy, but it gets a whole lot better.

The Misanthrope said...

Thanks for the tips. I may use them and combine them. I like the idea of drinking wine and using a level, then call it art no matter what happens.

alice, uptown said...

While you are unable to apply heat to food -- a condition with which I am quite familiar -- I suggest you take some multivitamins. This will cover a multitude of nutritional sins, and the red wine makes a nice chaser.