Thursday, August 31, 2006

YouTube dumps Singing in the Rain

Drat! So I was on my laptop last night, checking in with the office before back-to-school night for my kids, and one of them (the kids, that is) asks to see "Make 'Em Laugh" -- from "Singing in the Rain," about which I blogged earlier this month. I flip over to YouTube, click on "Favorites," and notice -- many of my favorites have been removed! They've apparently been taken off of YouTube "due to terms of use violation."

Seriously -- is anyone who truly loves the movie going to skip buying it in favor of watching herky-jerky clips on YouTube? It was a fast, alternate way to watch this stuff, that couldn't possibly impact sales of one of the greatest musicals ever; in fact, watching stuff on Youtube with the kids is how I discovered that they like it to begin with -- Sound of Music, Marx Bros, Wizard of Oz, Singing in the Rain... all tried out first on YouTube.

Losing the ability to see if the kids like it first, before buying, is disappointing. I guess it's back to the library's poorly-stocked video section...



Oh, moi thinks your kids will like "Singing In The Rain."

I mean, moi really dug the film when moi 'twas a child and I turned-out 100% screwed-up.

Stay on Groovin'
(Just think how moi & hundreds of others felt whey THEY offed original Cyber, as well as the rest of, space is fleeting.)

@Leslie said...

This kind of crap totally cheese me off. Word of mouth being how I've found most music, movies and books worth seeing and reading. Bah Humbug corporate hacks.

Unknown said...

You Tube finally got was bound to happen..sad ain't it?