Monday, March 17, 2008

Working Man’s Café

“If you’re asking me don’t take my advice.”
Ray Davies, singer, songwriter

Ray Davies new CD Working Man’s Café is truly wonderful. I am even rather partial to the CD’s title. However, it may not be obvious right away because it takes time for the songs to grow on you. By that I mean the songs require more than just a casual listening. Nothing too complicated, just not pop fluff.

“Vietnam Cowboys” tackles the topic of a global village and all the jobs that have disappeared and how the world has morphed into a U.S. city:

Mass production in Saigon
While auto workers laid off in Cleveland
Hot Jacuzzi in Taiwan
With empty factories in Birmingham

My favorite song on the CD is “You’re Asking Me:”

You’re asking me What’s it leading to
Will we live a long life will it treat us fare
No point asking me because I haven’t got a clue

I like this song because when I am asked a question I give the same advice.

He tackles about a hospital ward in “Morphine Song,” being shot in New Orleans, as Davies was, in “In a Moment.”

Davies will be in Los Angeles March 29 at the Wiltern.


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