Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Meme from The Misanthrope

FeefiFoto, I am happy to do your meme, I’ve yet to turn one down. However, I must point out that you tagged B2, who I don’t think has ever done one. The only reason I figured out you were referring to me is that I read your meme and you tagged The Misanthrope. I have no first name unless you count “The.” By the way, your pottery is very, very nice!

1. I am one of three bloggers who post at Toner Mishap. We had our reign for a year. I think it was 2005, when we blogged daily and had some truly great stuff. After a year we all said good-bye (here, here, and here) to daily blogging. Since that time we have been like one of those classic rock bands that keep popping up, except we don’t make any money. Well, B2 does but that because he is a talented artist. On The Mark has gone into blogging retirement. Me, I blog when I am not working crazy long hours with insane deadlines.

2. I am going to start organized bike riding, no it’s nothing like synchronized biking, but I’ll ride my bike with a group.

3. I no longer have a gallbladder, which I kind of miss. However, I do now have a sadly, anger inducing story to tell about the emergency room in my conservative family community.

4. My daughter continues to make me very proud. If I did one thing right in this world it was making sure she turned out just like me.

5. I enjoy reading. Now I am finding that I like a good story as opposed to a literary story. “The Given Day” by Dennis Lehane is both.

6. My favorite TV is “Californication.” When that is not on “Life” is also fun. “Weeds” has gone down hill.

7. The blogger friends that I have made and met in real life are very nice and a pleasure to have met. Jack (from the shack, see the link on the right), who I have e-mailed seems nice, but we have never met.

8. I hope to get into taking pictures. I would like to model my posts similar to Hoarded Ordinaries.

9. I love music. I have 43 days of continual music on my computer. Surprisingly I have a number of country style artists. The most recent purchase was Jamey Johnson, “The Lonesome Song.”

10. My desk is a mess that I have told myself I was going to clean since before Christmas.

11. I have a new found admiration for Pete Seeger after watching the documentary about him. What an incredible person.

12. I am really a closet optimist. I have found that I am not really an extremist despite what some of my posts my lead one to believe.

13. This is my lucky number. It shows up in the most unlikely ways.

Now this is where I break the rules. I hate asking people to donate money, but I have done it twice for good causes such as the “Inside Out” organization and for “Autism.” This is my long way of saying that I don’t ask others to do memes.

Thank you for tagging me, unless you really meant to tag B2 because he is the one with all the clever posts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks The. I meant to tag you and hadn't realized your blog is the home of multiple personalities. I'm glad you figured it out.

Anonymous said...

PS: thanks for the compliment to my pottery. I hope to have the time to get back into it this summer while the kids are at camp.

The Misanthrope said...

Fee, thanks again for tagging me. I have decided that the first name of "The" is not good. I think I prefer "M."

I look forward to seeing photos of your pottery when start again.

Jack Steiner said...

I suppose that after all this time lunch would be in order.

The Misanthrope said...

Jack, I readily concur.

Jack Steiner said...

Ok. We just need to set it up.