Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Etiquette for Public Transportation

Just so there's no more confusion on the issue - if you intend to board a vehicle for public transport, whether bus or train or similar conveyance, it is considered polite to wait for passengers to disembark before attempting to climb aboard; this will speed the flow of people in to and out of the vehicle, and just makes good plain sense.

And here's a proposed plan for increasing the efficiency of escalators and other related pedestrian conveniences: in Europe and, in point of fact, the entire world outside of the United States, the right side of the escalator is for standing; the left side is for walking. If you intend to dawdle or pull up your socks or search in your bag for that itinerant pack of gum, please move to the right and let me get on with my day. Don't stand in the middle as if you have claimed the stair for you and your descendants for all posterity.

1 comment:

IWByte said...

1)the whole 'let everyone out before you get in' has always been a head-scratcher for me on why people don't understand this basic physics - especially with elevators at malls - How do you expect to get into a a full elevator without letting the people currently occupying the space to get out?

2)If in Europe they drive on the left side of the street, and you have a 2 lane uni-directional road, which is the passing lane? The left or right one? And coming back on topic, how does that jive with the 'pass on the left' escalator stance?