Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Toner mishap?

It sounds odd at first, but it sticks with you. And, frankly, we like the images it conjures up in the heads of unsuspecting participants in our recently conducted unbiased polls.

As for why we picked it, it's an anagram. Of something.

Other possibilites we reviewed include:

in metaphors
orphan items
a mentorship
atheism porn
metaphor sin
another simp

As for what we'll do here, there are no rules. Except for the one about having no rules - that's our only rule. So it should really be, "There are no rules except our rule about having no rules." Or maybe "There is only one rule - we have no rules."

Anyhow, we invite you to join us and enjoy our period of adjustment.

1 comment:

IWByte said...

Sorry, that one's too much of a paradox to let slip: That's like the "I'm Lying to you right now" statement - can't happen.

So you'll just have to stick with "there exists in this location an absence of guidelines and general anarchy reigns, other than the boundaries of reality,physics, and what my wife will let me say in public"