Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Reckless and Arrogant Presidency

I wasn't lucky. I deserved it.”
Attributed to Margaret Thatcher (1925 - ), British prime minister. After receiving a school prize, aged 9.

Once the issue of the missing explosives was uncovered, a reporter asked the President about the weapons and the President just glared at him. How dare a member of the fourth estate, a watchdog of government dare question this president who believes God ordained him to lead this country.

Finally, President Bush addressed for the first time today (October 27, 2004) the disappearance of 380 tons of explosives in Iraq, accusing his campaign rival, Senator John Kerry, of exploiting the issue without knowing, or caring about, the truth.

Following his religious roots, he practices hypocrisy without missing a beat. Exploiting an issue is what the Bush Administration has done better than any previous president has.

This is the real kicker, "Our military is now investigating a number of possible scenarios, including that the explosives may have been moved before our troops even arrived at the site," President Bush told a Republican crowd in Lancaster, Pa. "This investigation is important and it's ongoing, and a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your commander-in-chief."

That is right, we don’t want a president who jumps to conclusions or distorts the facts and places the country in the middle of an unwinnable war – a catastrophic success, if you will. The Misanthrope certainly does not feel safer with a clueless president.

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B2 said...

George W. Bush: ''I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe—I believe what I believe is right."