Friday, June 24, 2005

A Culture of Life

I can't tell you who should properly be credited with this insight, but it wasn't me.

The right-wing nutsos who got us into this war are all-fired up about saving the lives of fetuses and folks in a persistent vegetative state and, for that matter, embryos. They don't, however, seem to care so much about sending people to war to lose their lives in violent and tragic circumstances.

We are subjecting human beings to life-threatening conditions, knowing that a certain percentage of them are going to die. This is something those right-wingers would never let happen to an embryo, because it's too precious.


Devo said...

Kinda reminds me of pickup trucks with gun racks on the back and "Pro-Life" bumper stickers plastered right next to 'em. It just don't make no sense.

But, like Everett Ulysses McGill observed, It's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.

The Misanthrope said...

I like that quote; I may use that sometime soon.

Walter said...

If these people are so pro-life, why don't we see them linking arms at cemetaries?

(Thank Bill Hicks for that insight....)

Anonymous said...

Even in the midst of difficulties and uncertainties, every person sincerely open to truth and goodness can ... come to recognize ... the sacred value of human life from its very beginning until its end, and can affirm the right of every human being to have this primary good respected to the highest degree. Upon the recognition of this right, every human community and the political community itself are founded