Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oasis: The Next Spinal Tap?

Interviewer: Ricky Gervais [of "The Office"] told me there's a story that Liam thinks Spinal Tap are a real band. Is that true?

Noel Gallagher [of Oasis]: Yeah, he thought they were real people. We went to see them play in Carnegie Hall. Before they played, they came on as three folk singers from the film A Mighty Wind. We were laughing and he said: "This is shit." We said: "No, those three are in Spinal Tap. You do know they are American actors?" "They're not even a real band?" "They're not even English! One of them is married to Jamie Lee Curtis." "I'm not fuckin' 'avin that," he says, and walks off right up the middle of Carnegie Hall. He's never watched Spinal Tap since. He'd seen the film and loved it and thought they were a real band.

[Here's the story in London's Guardian. Thanks, Stereogum!]


Recon said...

LOL!! That's hillarious! Have you seen Gervais and Gallagher's version of "free Love freeway" from the office? It made me like the oasis guy alot more for having a sense of humor..BTW, great blog! I'm blogrolling you!

Anonymous said...

We have no connection to the band besides an abundant love and appreciation for their music and good humor. So welcome and thank you for visiting. Tap on, brothers and sisters

IWByte said...

My wife and I saw Spinal Tap in concert here in Orange County - they did a great show and they had a banner behind them that showed their sponsor as "Endure - Adult Diapers for Concert-goers" - they were for people who didn't want to leave the show to have to go to the bathroom - classic!