Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Is the Rapture here yet?

Thanks to I Hate Pat Robertson for the nifty Rapture Index. Granted, my religious beliefs don't include a Rapture, but I still find it funny.


Chandira said...

That's funny.. :-)

Can't believe there are people out there who take that literally. To me, if I believed in a rapture, it is more a state of internal being, not an external thing. I think any rapture would leave us all feeling like a mass lsd trip... lol

Where in hell do they think they're all going to go, anyway? Disneyland? Walmart? McDonald's?

Devo said...

Actually, the original meaning of the word "apocalypse" was merely a "revelation of mysteries". Unfortunately, however, The Apostle Paul (sometimes known as The Giant Douche) came up with the freakin' genius notion of the rapture as he was touring Europe converting all the heathens. Almost all theories among Protestant fundies regarding the rapture come from four verses in the new testament. I learned all this from Wikipedia! What a wonderful resource that is... checkit:

Crazy sh!t, man. Craaaaazy.

gownforless said...

I believed in a rapture, because The Rapture is believed by many -- perhaps most -- born-again Protestants that they alone will engage in a mass migration in the near future. They believe that those born-again Christians who have died will have their bodies reconstituted and will ascend through the air, and meet Jesus Christ in the sky

Alvin Miller said...

My inaugural address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions!


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