Friday, April 11, 2008

I love the law.

Not the idea of law.

Not lawyers.

Not Jude Law.

It's the finer points of law that I take pleasure in, like this tidbit:

[It is prohibited] to discard, launch, propel, release, squirt or throw any gaseous, liquid, semi-solid substance or object toward or among the participants, vehicles or animals in [a] special event.

When law makes you picture people throwing poop at a parade, you've just got to smile.

However --

I was researching the legal status of Silly String in the area where I live, as my wife cautioned me against having a Silly String fight with the kids -- she feared it had been made illegal out here.

I was pleased to discover it's NOT illegal, but can not be used to disrupt a parade or similar gathering -- hence the law above.

1 comment:

Dusty said...

I am glad that your joy at a silly string fight can still be enjoyed legally ;)

Of course other rights have been removed..but we won't go there and ruin the 'moment'. ;p