Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On The Mark -- Chinese Military on U.S. Soil

You may not realize it, but San Francisco was recently invaded by foreign soldiers -- in fact, the best of the best -- our version of the special forces or navy seals.

When China's Olympic torch was in San Francisco, trying to keep from getting extinguished, the runners and the torch were guarded by some of China's best-trained soldiers. When I read about this during the event, I was amazed that our country would let military-trained soldiers on our soil, especially from a country such as China.

Last week, the leaders of Japan and Australia both stated (paraphrasing): "There will be no military from China on our land when the torch arrives here; we'll provide the security that's needed." (Why they are even allowing the torch to enter the country is another story.)

Good, decent people trying to enter our country legally get treated like cattle. But for the Chinese military it's an open-door policy.


Joe said...

...and consider that they (the Chinese) forcibly removed an American citizen from the relay, when she tried to display a Tibetan flag.

Chinese security (soldiers??) assaulting an American citizen on the street in San Fransisco, for an act that is legally and constitutionally protected in this country.

...and very little comment in the media about this incident.

On The Mark said...

Wow. Great added perspective, Joe. Thanks.

Chandira said...

I am so disgusted at China right now, I can't even tell you.

Joe's right.