Monday, April 14, 2008

On The Mark -- Investing In Our Future

Here are some sobering statistics. One doesn't even need to write a narrative.

In California:

$14.7 billion has been designated for construction in the state's prison system

State makes massive budget cuts due to its astronomical deficit and its $57.3 billion debt, plus another $78.2 billion that has been authorized waiting to be borrowed.

Los Angeles Unified School District follows with $460 million budget cut -- on a budget that was already razor thin. Money spent on arts (music, etc.) per year for each school kid: 3 cents (so I've been told by people in the know).

Cost to incarcerate a juvenile offender in California: $100,000-$200,000.


Jack said...

Steve Lopez made me scream with this one, or should I say the information he covered in it.

The Misanthrope said...

Leaving the schools begging is what many want so we are forced to use school vouchers.

Jack said...

I am a public school grad, but I send my kids to private. If I had a decent public I'd reconsider.

It makes me crazy paying twice, but if I felt like someone was getting a decent education out of my tax dollars I'd feel better.

On The Mark said...

While it wasn't a priority when I bought my house, I am lucky in that all three levels of public schools in my area are top notch (right now). However, every single week there is some kind of fundraiser (starting at the beginning of the school year with a $125 donation) in order to pay the P.E. teacher, or keep the library open, etc.