Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jews on Babylon 5?

Does anyone out there know if there are Jews on the show "Babylon 5"? This is a screen shot from a trailer showing what appears to be an old man in a derby, beard, and tallit... WTF?


Anonymous said...

Yes, there were. Susan Ivanova was a Russian Jew and that played a part in a couple of episodes. And, as you see in that screenshot, there was an episode where various religious leaders from Earth came to the station.

rassmguy said...

Religion was a big part of that show--many of the characters are religious. Judaism was just one of them (Ivanona was Jewish). Sinclair was a Catholic raised by Jesuits. Lennier grew up in the Mimbari equivalent of an Asian-like temple. A group of Catholic monks permanently resided on the station. The Narn were portrayed as having an Islamic-type religion. And the Cantauri were polytheists. The Bible was frequently quoted on the show, which was often about the battle between good and evil. Sci-fi analogs to angels and devils were at the core of the main storyline, and there was even an actual exorcism of an actual demon.

Jack Steiner said...

The end of History of The World Part I- Jews In Space.