Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marvel's Secret Wars

When I was a kid, Marvel's "Secret Wars" limited series was big news -- it was the reason behind Spidey's black costume, to name only one earth-shattering development. The original cover was drawn by Mike Zeck (above; click it to see it bigger), and "they" apparently keep coming back to the original design, revising it or parodying it a couple of times over the years. Cool.

Here they are as separate images:

The original:

The redrawn reprint:

The fancy version:

Reimagined for kids:

Marvel Zombies:


Jack Steiner said...

I always preferred Marvel to DC.

B2 said...

Me too, Jack -- but my daughter has decided that Aquaman is her favorite hero, and so far seems to prefer DC in general. Not that she understands the deep and profound differences between the two yet... but maybe as she gets more sophisticated she'll come to appreciate the real human drama that is at the center of Marvel's title, and which DC often misses.

Jack Steiner said...

DC is a bit too vanilla, but its fun at times. Aquaman is kind of cool.