Friday, April 29, 2005

G.I. Jew

Listen and cringe. And laugh. And plotz.

Lyrics include:
The Catholics blame him for murdering Jesus (G.I. Jew is there!)
He cuts the skin off the tip of your penis. (G.I. Jew is there!)
[Thanks, Mike, for pointing me to Silence of the Lambs: The Musical; that's where I found it.]


bitchphd said...


Aurelius said...

As someone who was raised a Papal follower, the idea that the Jews killed Christ has always fascinated me.
The Romans interrogated then condemned him. Then they nailed him to a cross.
Even if it was at the behest of the Jewish leadership, it was a Roman Governor who sentenced him, and Roman soldiers who carried out the sentence.
As I got older, and learnt the political goings-on, I learnt that such treatment from the Roman authorities was normal for those who created any form of dissent during large gatherings in Jerusalem.
Jews killed Christ? Shit, they're claiming credit for something we Romans did? RIPPED OFF!

B2 said...

And that's why there's this.

bitchphd said...

OMG, that shirt is even funnier than the song.

Am I allowed to laugh at this, as a Catholic?