Friday, April 01, 2005

President Bush Possibly One of the Great U.S. Leaders

He's a muddle-headed fool, with frequent lucid intervals.
Miguel de Cervantes (1547 - 1616), novelist

I have been thinking lately that maybe I have been to hard on our silver-spoon president. I should think about allowing my Social Security to be placed on the craps table of Wall Street to enrich the brokerage houses. Possibly, I have been too soft on deadbeats who work two jobs and still have to file bankruptcy, it’s a good thing we are tightening the laws. We should even bring back debtors’ prisons, which would make people pay for their careless spending habits one license plate at a time.

I will ponder Bush’s greatness for today – April 1, 2005.


Pirate said...

I want to comment on the creativity post. You're absolutely right. People should just stop whining and get on with it if they want to create. There are teachers of the "creative arts", however, who wouldn't agree with you. I had one such instructor in a sr.-level University creative writing class. She had contempt for those who didn't follow certain weird "rules of process" for creating and I found this class horrible to be in as most of the students were of a similar persuasion: that creativity is reserved for the privileged, talented few (of course, this was never openly stated, but this was the opnion of most in the room). When I expressed my outrage at this rather royals-vs-commoners attitude, I was told (by the instructor) that, sure, of course anyone can create (this was said condescendingly); that most people choose to do it by having children !!!! I pulled an A in the class but I was depressed for weeks at a time and doubted my own ability to write anything at all as a result of this teacher's attitude, which many in the class seemed to share. This is what some "ordinary folks" who want to create are up against.

B2 said...

You're right, Misanthrope. Bush is probably our best president ever.

President Washington? I can not tell a lie - he's no Bush.

President Lincoln? Honest who?

President Kennedy? Ich bin ein Bushie!

President Elect? Not sure what he did, but I hear a lot about him... but still nothing next to Bush!

Me said...

Yeah, and I'd like to say on this day APRIL 1, 2005 - that not only did I vote for Kerry, but I actually made a paper mache Howard Dean doll to hang from my rear view mirror. Then, I danced naked on the roof, save the John/John stickers on my ass. Then, when I was done with that, I proclaimed myself JESUS and set fire to all the cars in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Long live the Democratic Party!!