Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I've seen three of them

I've apaprently only seen three of the movies ominated for Oscars this year (I apparently spent more time with my family than I did with MGM, etc.):

Batman Begins (cinematography)
Star Wars Episode III (make-up)
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (costume design)


Uisce said...

I'm too lazy to see who's been nominated, but of your list I've seen C&TCF -- loved it, loved it, loved it!

Anonymous said...

Remember the year daughter number 1 was born and we had not seen anything nominated, for that matter I think there was 2 or 3 years in a row where that was the case. Did you notice however, that you and I only saw one of those movies together?

B2 said...

But remember we saw that Jennifer Love Hewitt TV movie together on Lifetime? I think I get double bonus points for that one.

Also -- don't we do stuff together that's much more fun than seeing movies?

Anonymous said...

I was not lamenting on our lack of quality time, I was lamenting that I have only managed to see one nominated movie this year. I think we managed to see at least 2 movies in an actual theater this year, maybe even 3.

And, yes you would get double bonus points, but you did not watch it with me, you were on your computer with you headphones on. And you teased me about it, so that might be negative points.

Anonymous said...

I reviewed the list and was surprised to see that my total this year is six:
Pride & Prejudice
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
King Kong
Star Wars Episode III
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Batman Begins

I'd say my list doesn't give me much incentive to watch the awards show.

B2 said...

But we laughed at Joey Lawrence together! That must count for something!

Anonymous said...

That's right we did. So I guess you did watch with me, but I am pretty sure that even though you did sit with me, you let out an exagerated put upon sigh every 5 minutes. Plus I think it was an Oxygen movie, so I guess you get some points.

Sad to think that the next movie we see in a theatre will be Curious George with the kids and that we will have to take out a second on the house to pay for all the tickets and snacks.

Chandira said...

I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It tookme a while to pluch up the courage to go see it, but Johnny Depp was excellent. And it's about chocolate, What's not to love?
But an OSCAR? maybe for set design, cinematography, or something. I hope they give the acting Oscar to smebody more deserving. Not that I didn't love it, but.. It's hardly a worthy role for an oscar.