Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Making the Most of the New Year

The rose that all are praising
Is not the rose for me.

Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797 - 1839), writer

Welcome to a new year, big deal. We made it and we’ll make it again, according to life insurance actuaries. So far three days into 2006 and I don’t feel much like writing. I tend to write more frequently when I am content, and lately I’m anything but while trying to figure out the future. Where I’m I going to live? There may be an opportunity to move to the East Coast, if not, do I get a small place next to work or a place more affordable not far from where I am now? In either case, I will be looking for a place of my own by mid-February. This year will bring a number of changes that I hope I have the good sense and good luck to parlay into something positive.

So here is to all of us making the right choices for a happy, healthy and enjoyable New Year.


Lorianne said...

I've been meaning to wish you luck with the East Coast opportunity. Don't worry...alcohol-floated ice cubes are how Northeasterners deal with snow, ice, and cold, so your interview response was spot-on. :-)

Chandira said...

Good luck with the move M, whatever you decide!!

How much time do you spend at work and at home? I'm feeling the pinch of a new bus-commute, and the loss of what used to be a 10 minute walk. Bah.
But then, I'm also craving a getaway in the countryside... I'm in sprawling suburbia, neither one nor the other now...

Contentment is for the masses, anyhoo. No great people were ever 'content'.. 'specially not great writers! Keep it going..