Friday, April 13, 2007

Good Intentions Widen Racial Divide ?

There are only two races on this planet—the intelligent and the stupid.
John Fowles (1926 - 2005), novelist

I have only seen Imus when he makes news with politicians or celebrities and the highlights are excerpted. What Imus said was wrong. No question. Does he deserve to lose his job? No! Otherwise The Rev. Jesse “jet stream” Jackson as Chicago Tribune columnist Mike Royko used to call him for rushing off to the next photo opportunity, and the Rev. Al Sharpton would be unemployed. There was the infamous Hymie town remark from Jackson and the attacking the Duke Lacrosse players as immediately guilty from Sharpton, but no one has demanded they be fired. Hell, Sharpton has never apologized to the Duke athletes, but the soon-to-be disbarred district attorney, who brought forth the charges, has. Imus has or will soon apologized to the basketball team.

Sharpton, Jackson and others are creating a deep pit without a safety net for any public figure who misspeaks in anger or in humor.

Truly something positive could have been made of this incident and instead it seems to have only widened the racial divide.

No person who examines and reflects, can avoid seeing that there is but one race of people on the earth, who differ from each other only according to the soil and the climate in which they live.
Captain J. G. Stedman (1744–97), soldier, author, artist


Anonymous said...

On The Mark says: As the Wall Street Journal reports today, it was a digital brush fire driven by the right wing. As the LA Times reports, the democrats have now lost a soap box. So it really had nothing to do with what he said, in the end.

He should have been made to squirm a bit, but he apologized, didn't hide behind a statement or PR rep, and didn't deserve to get fired.

panthergirl said...

You know I agree with everything you said here!! It also occurred to me this morning (and I edited my post to reflect it) that RUSH LIMBAUGH never lost his job over the repeated use of the term "Feminazi". Why is that?

The Misanthrope said...

On the Mark, I'm going to find that article. I believe. The right wing has gone much too far into the dark gray areas touching the black of illegal activities in order to keep a hold on their fading power.

Panthergirl, Rush should have been off the air for his drug conviction.