Monday, February 16, 2009

The Simpsons in HD

Not sure if this means we're going to have to buy a new TV... I hope not. Of course, it's starting to get annoying how much of our shows we're missing because of the new screen ratio (we miss the edges)... but the Simpsons just had their first episode in HD yesterday, and darn if it didn't look clearer than usual! The title sequence was totally redone as well, and had lots of new details, including this odd shot with God and Satan angrily confronting one another that you'd've missed if you didn't watch it frame-by-frame on your computer afterward (as I did).

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Chandira said...

I watched part of Iron Man on Blue Ray recently. That blows even HDTV out of the water.. I always thought because I didn't have high definition eyes, it wouldn't make much difference!
Robert, my technophobic husband, is wanting to get a blue-ray now.

I love the Southpark opening credits, they're hilarious too. All kinds of stupid stuff you miss if you blink. I love dvr.