Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Blockbuster Plans to End Late Fees

In an effort to fight upstart content distributors like Netflix, Blockbuster Inc. is planning to eliminate late fees on games and movies as of January 1.

Blockbuster apparently makes as much as $300 million annually on late fees; they think they'll make up for this lost income with increased volume.

Don't know what this will mean to the future of Blockbuster, but I do know that it's just another sign that we're catching up to the future every day, and the way we think about media, content, and ownership is changing rapidly.

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B2 said...

Boingboing.net just posted a brief on this story as well, and cited Toner Mishap as the source. They called it "Blockbuster competes with Netflix by dropping late fees" - this should get us on the Technorati listing.