Tuesday, December 21, 2004

On The Mark -- Privacy, Please

You're a grieving family. Your son or daughter has been killed in Iraq. You're aware that he wrote you one last letter on his Yahoo e-mail account, but thought he'd make a few more edits before he hit the send button. In the meantime, though, the letter has to go into the "drafts" box because he has to go out and kill a few evildoers. Unfortunately, the evildoers get him first. Obviously, you want that letter. It's the last thing he thought about as it relates to you and the family. It's something you'll surely cherish for the rest of your life. One more time where he said "I love you" and "I miss you."

But you don't have his password. You call Yahoo. Should be easy, right? Forget it. No password. No letter. Those are the rules.

If reporters can be sent to jail for not giving up their sources, even for stories they didn't work on (i.e., Judith Miller of the New York Times), then Yahoo "should go to jail" for not giving up this letter.


kitty_cat said...

That's really sad.

Toni said...

Yes, it's sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

Where did you read about this?

On The Mark said...

It was reported on several news radio programs this morning and also posted on CNN.com.

MontiLee said...

I disagree.

It is sad, but privacy is privacy. Upon my death, I don't want my family into my e-mailaccounts, any more than I would want them in my mail. I have nothing to hide, but if I wanted someone to have acces to it, I'd leave that information with someone I trust(which, by the by, I do).

Just because someone dies, in no way does that ensure that the Left Behinds get to paw through their personal effects.

B2 said...

MontiLee makes a good point, and I understand his concerns about privacy. But a draft email is hardly the sort of document one could expect to not be seen - one could argue convincingly that it exists specifically to be read. This is not a diary, which has an understood privacy inherent in it, and anyone with real secrets to keep or message to not send would not be composing them in their email - they'd be writing them down and hiding them.