Saturday, December 25, 2004

On The Mark -- When I Was 25...

Because today is Christmas, and with my dad passing away recently, I'm going to take the liberty to post a personal thought. For all those who have lost a loved one, you know how much you wish you could have more time. We always feel that time is flying by, but it actually moves very slowly. Force yourself to stop, do nothing, and be silent for five minutes, and it's amazing how long it seems. Because of our lifestyles and priorities, WE force time to "move fast" and to seem at a premium. This weekend I had an experience that reinforced to me how slow time really does move. I like to collect wines and store them to enjoy at a later date when they've matured properly. Not expensive, rare wines. Just good red a hobby. This weekend I brought 10 new wines to my wine locker and took away 5 that I had stored about 15-20 years ago. That's when it struck me how slow time really is because I should wait another 15 years to properly enjoy the wines I stored today. Then I realized that I don't have too many "cycles" left because I'll be 62 when these wines are ready.

So all I can recommend when you're feeling squeezed for time is to buy a bottle of wine, put it away and tell yourself "I'm not going to be able to drink it until 2020 at least." Then, the next time you feel there's no time, think about that bottle of wine waiting for you, and you'll realize how much time there really is after all.

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