Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Misanthrope --miscellaneous musings

The structure of a play is always the story of how the birds came home to roost.
Arthur Miller (1915 – 2005), playwright

I have been exceedingly busy, which is why I have not posted. Thankfully, On the Mark had a few things to say. I also figured things might slow down a bit, so I booked several events during the week. I was mistaken. I was exhausted everyday and night.

Tuesday night. I attended my poetry class, which I am really enjoying. I feel as though I’m learning a lot, especially since I knew little to nothing about the art of poetry before this class.

Wednesday night. On the Mark and I went to Pasadena to see Gerald Clayton in a solo piano performance at the Pasadena Jazz Institute. Clayton’s father and uncle are well known jazz musicians. In any case, it was two hours of wonderful piano jazz by an up and coming performer. His jazz playing carried a bit of blues and soulfulness that made the pieces introspective and foot tapping. He is only 21 and so poised. We saw him twice at Catalina’s Jazz club in Hollywood; a couple of weeks ago playing with Roy Hargrove and a few months before that with Frank Morgan, during that show he played a duet with his father who plays the stand up bass. The kid is incredible.

Thursday night. An up-and-coming playwright friend and I went to see Oscar Wilde’s Salome at the Wadsworth Theatre in Brentwood staring Al Pacino. Pacino’s acting blew me away. I thought that he over acted and that every movie had some soliloquy for him that he could phone in. I was wrong. I can never hear the word Salome again without hearing Pacino’s voice --
“Saaal O May dance for me.”

Saturday night. I loved Salome so much that I went online to Craig’s list and went again Saturday night. And it was just as good. I had to see and hear Saaal O May begged to dance, again.

Sunday. I am going to read the newspapers and try to keep up on the writing this week.


Unknown said...

Pacino can act when he has good material. Movies don't do his talent justice in most cases. He is made for the stage in my opinion. Much like Jason Robards was.Most of todays young actors can't handle a play.

Jazz with a little blues tossed in? Lucky you:)

Now get some rest this weekend :P

The Misanthrope said...

Dusty, I believe I saw Robards in a play, but I'd have to see a list to remember which one. I also saw Katherine Hepburn, something about a piano, I don't recall the name. Both were very good, but I most likely didn't appreciate it as much as I do now. I have seen a number of good plays with famous actors over the years. I much perfer the theater to movies, it seems more personal and real.

Unknown said...

I love theatre..movies are just a way to pass the time usually, unless its a good documentary. You can feel the energy during a play, its like you said..real..I also found out I like opera when I attended one. It wasn't the same as listening to opera on a record or cd..once again, the energy.