Friday, April 14, 2006

On The Mark -- Scenes in real life

If I were watching these two scenes in a movie I would say "this movie is stupid because something like this would never happen":

1) Computer flash memory drives containing sensitive information on military tactics are stolen from the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan. Then, get this, the drives are sold in an open bazaar just outside the gates of the military base. There is no better definition of "right under our noses."

2) A string of ex-generals call for Rumsfeld's ouster. Pres. Bush says forget it, he's doing a great job. Part of his rationale is based on the support of a current general (Pace) he's really going to say anything negative at this time.

The transcript of Moussaoui's testimony yesterday highlights what we're up against. Although we "want" him to be crazy, these are comments of a sane man:

About his role in the 9/11 conspiracy:

"There is no remorse for justice. No regret. No remorse."

Would he do it again tomorrow (crash plane into the White House) if he could:


About an Army Lt. Col. who crawled out of the burning Pentagon (a witness in the trial):

"I was regretful he didn't die."

About a Navy Lt. Cmdr. who died in the Pentagon:

"Make my day."

About being willing to kill Americans, even in prison:

"Anywhere. Anytime."

About Timothy McVeigh:

"The greatest American."

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