Sunday, April 09, 2006

On The Mark -- Devil in Disguise

I was reading the Washington Post article this morning about how the administration is considering military options -- INCLUDING "TACTICAL" NUCLEAR WEAPONS; let me repeat that for all who are NOT paying attention: TACTICAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS -- in Iran. I wrote about this a year ago, or so. It's not speculation, everyone. It's going to happen. Bush will not leave the presidency without taking care of the "problem of Iran." He's been "called" to do this. But one must ask...who's doing the calling?

The most prominent reason that Bush has stated in speeches, etc., is Iran's threat to Israel. I say let Israel take care of itself. Israel, with its own military might, doesn't need the U.S. to babysit or play bully for them.

I don't remember too much from my Catholic upbringing. But I do remember learning something about how Satan, when he makes his move, will do it in a disguise that will surprise everyone.

(Note: Despite what the little note below says, this was posted by On the Mark, not The Misanthrope)


Unknown said...

The irony is sickening. We are going to nuke them for making nukes..jesus christ in a thong that is so damn dumb.

Israel can take care of themselves..why are we the self-appointed bouncer for them? They don't do a whole lot in our honor for the love of pete.They are a soveriegn nation, let them do their own dirty work.

JasonSpalding said...

The fact is that either the west chooses to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to develop the nuclear system that would allow for nuclear weapons or they don't. Bring on the apocalyptic rhetoric.

Rags said...

I am a big supporter of Israel, but I agree that Israel can take care of itself (better than the current U.S. adminstration can take care of its country).

But you gotta remember, this isn't about the U.S. protecting Israel for Israel's sake. This is Bush and the neocon's own personal religious thing, planning for the second coming of Christ.

As young Satan Ralph Reed himself has said, "The single strongest group for Israel in the United States, apart from Jews, is conservative Christians."