Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Misanthrope – Miscellaneous Musings

A sadder and a wiser man,
He rose the morrow morn.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772 - 1834), poet

The Party’s Over. Damn that week went by fast. I so enjoyed doing nothing. I read a few newspapers, napped a lot, renewed my passport, didn’t go to the dentist or the DMV (why ruin a good vacation), read a little, but not enough to finish even half a book. Went to a play reading that was written by a friend, the reading, which was acted out and the play were both very good. I watched a few baseball games and a basketball games. Generally, I would wake up have my cereal, read the sports page, and go back to bed. I also went on a couple of hikes estimated total mileage for both hikes 12-14 miles. My legs are still a bit sore.

Life Shattering. All these many, many years I have lived under the impression that I was a Libra. Now, my mother sends me some information that states otherwise. Because, I was so shocked, I had someone else run the data and again it comes back that I’m a Scorpio. This means that I have to adjust all my traits to fit the appropriate sign. It’s no wonder my relationships don’t last, I have been consorting with the wrong astrological signs*.

Neil Young. I was disappointed last Tuesday because I was under the impression that Neil Young’s new CD was coming out, I was looking forward to listening to it while on vacation. Alas, I will have to wait for Amazon to deliver it and then play it commuting to work.

Driving Me Nuts. Speaking of commuting, I spent $60 to fill up my Nissan Maxima. Holly cow, that hurts. When that gas pump finally stopped and I saw the price, my hair resembled Don King’s. It used to be that I played the Lotto for riches, I guess now I play to afford gas for the next year. I am ready (actually I’ve been ready for years) to impeach President Decider, but I will have to settle for Young’s song because it won’t happen with a Republican majority.

*I don't really base anything on my astrological signs, I use it for entertainment purposes only.


maarmie said...

Just be glad you're not a Cancer. Seriously. Be glad. Be very, very glad.

Anonymous said...

I get to spend all day today (Sunday) doing a school assignment. Yippee!

maarmie said...

Interesting. I just read your profile. Journalism and PR? What a coincidence. Here's what mine looks like: journalism, advertising, journalism, journalism, PR, government.

Unknown said...

No updates on the Ipod loading :( is it done, did you listen to some podcasts yet?

I lmao when I read the astrology part of this post..yes, it was entertaining :P

I like the whole Chinese year of whatever thing..

The Misanthrope said...

Maarmie, I don't know many Cancer's so I can't comment. It's surprising you were able to get back into journalism after advertising, since the editorial side tends to be rather narrow-minded in their thinking on that subject and about PR too for that matter.

Sonic, I just came back from a three-hour class in the middle of my Sunday.

Dusty, I am ashamed to admit that I have not yet downloaded anything. I am still loading my music, but do have one playlist that I use for the gym.

maarmie said...

You're right. I got lucky. I miss journalism, but it's a headache I think I'll be leaving behind me for good.

Trish said...

LOL @ maarmie. I am also a Cancer, and a VERY sterotypical one, unfortunately.

maarmie said...
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maarmie said...

Trish: I have dated three Cancers and am typically drawn to their romantic moodiness. But the relationships were so bad - and they were such big assholes - that I won't date a guy now if he's a Cancer....You guys are all alike!!!! ARGH!!!! I don't know what sign Cancers get along with, but it's not Taurus.