Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Misanthrope – Miscellaneous Musings

It’s outrageous to line your pockets off the misery of the poor.
Outrageous, the crimes some human beings must endure.
It’s outrageous a man like me stands here and complains.
Paul Simon, Singer/song writer “Outrageous,” from the "Surprise" CD

Living with War. Neil Young’s new CD is terrific. Young shows what a talented veteran musician with a conscience can do. Every song has an important message and a recrimination of the Decider-in-Chief.

My favorite song on the CD is “The Restless Consumer.” As On the Mark said, this is a new generation’s “Ohio,” a song Young wrote about the National Guard killing four students at Kent State.

This is probably not fair, but I’m going ask it and state it anyway. What the hell took him so long? I’m convinced if John Lennon were alive this CD would have been done by him three years ago. Nonetheless, we have it now and it’s certainly worth getting. I highly recommend it.

Surprise. Paul Simon’s new CD “Surprise” is also very good. My favorite song is “Outrageous” (see quote above for sample lyrics). My sentimental favorite is "Father and Daughter."

I’m gonna watch you shine, gonna watch grow.
Gonna paint a sign so you’ll always know

As long as one and one is two
There could never be a father who loved his daughter more than I love you.

This CD is also a winner.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers.


Anonymous said...

On the Mark says: I had wanted for a couple days to write a very short post, but didn't get around to it: Somewhere John Lennon is singing along with Neil Young right now.

Anonymous said...


Can you change the address for me on your blogroll to

B2 said...

Neil Young says he got tired of sitting around waiting for the younger generation to make the kind of statement he felt needed to be made -- so he went in to the studio and, six days later, he had done it himself. Handing off the baton is tricky when no one is there to take it from you, I guess. Of course, that's his opinion -- plenty of young rockers have been making statement-based noise for a while, the most recent Bush-related ones being by Bad Religion, Green Day, Eminem... and even Pink, apparently. On my playlist is a fairly recent song by Bright Eyes called "When the President Talks to God."

The Misanthrope said...

Sonicrusk, done.

B2, I would like a copy of the song by Bright Eyes.

Jack Steiner said...

Father and Daughter- I always enjoyed this song.

Chandira said...

THanks for the write-up.. Robert wants to get this one, so now I'm gonna have to get him a gift.. SOunds great.

I'm wondering where all the 'protest' music is.. I mean, great as 'My Sweet Neocon' is, is that all there is in the mainstream?? Thank you Neil. About time. Good question.

Janet said...

I hate to say it, but I think if someone else sang Neil Young's material I'd be far more into it.

Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam has done some Neil Young.

Thanks for the mother's day wishes ;-D