Thursday, May 18, 2006

On The Mark -- Maybe "Somebody" Read My Post

I was so angry with how the Democrats conducted themselves last weekend regarding the desire to impeach Bush, that I wrote a post stating (it's still on this page) that they'd already lost the elections. In addition I dashed it off to several senators and representatives of Congress.

Today I see that John Conyers, the Democrat from Michigan who was leading the charge, has now written an editorial for the Washington Post titled, "No Rush to Impeachment." Here are two paragraphs from the editorial:

"So, rather than seeking impeachment, I have chosen to propose comprehensive oversight of these alleged abuses. The oversight I have suggested would be performed by a select committee made up equally of Democrats and Republicans and chosen by the House speaker and the minority leader.

"The committee's job would be to obtain answers -- finally. At the end of the process, if -- and only if -- the select committee, acting on a bipartisan basis, finds evidence of potentially impeachable offenses, it would forward that information to the Judiciary Committee. This threshold of bipartisanship is appropriate, I believe, when dealing with an issue of this magnitude."


maarmie said...

I once dashed off some choice words to GW, officials at Wal-Mart and Jerry Falwell. But they never wrote me back. I'm still waiting...


I wrote an e-mail to Jerry Falwell and all I'm getting in return are spams offering home loans to Christians. D-E-L-E-T-E!

Unknown said...

The impeachment cry is slowing fading from the Democraps lips..bastards all that play that game. The other side incites..why can't we?

Perhaps I am just bitter :P