Monday, May 08, 2006

On The Mark -- Dems Lost Mid-Term Elections: Not a Prediction; Already Accomplished

The Dems came out swinging this weekend, finally taking the initiative.

And they've already lost. They lost the mid-term elections. They lost the 2008 presidential election.

For some silly reason, they seem to be focusing their messages to their core voters. They already have their vote. They should be focusing their attention on the so-called undecideds, but even more important, on the tens of millions of people who might actually get off their butts this time and cast a vote.

I don't need focus groups or polls to tell me that this critical group, the ones who will make the difference about what color Congress will be next year, doesn't want to hear about revenge, about subpoena power, about impeachment.

If they're finally going to get off their butts and cast a vote, that means they care about the future, not the past.

Talk from powerful democratic leaders such as "He (Bush) is going to have to answer some questions," is like, well, suicide.

Sure this rhetoric makes the core dem voters feel good. But it's for another time and another place.

When asked about subpoena power and impeachment, the dems should state unequivocally that it's not on the agenda, but getting America back on track and cleaning up the mess the Republicans have made, is. Then they should state exactly how they're going to do it.

As Shakespeare said: revenge is best served cold.


Unknown said...

I have heard several Dem's say exactly that on a couple of shows the press for one. They need to get organized because they aren't. Every one of them seems to be jockeying for a position or waiting for the other shoe to drop..whatever "that" is.

theBhc said...

While I would agree with you that most voters may not be interested in revenge per se (though others might actually call this accountability), not investigating the depths of this administration's illegal activities is seriously bad advice. Not because voters may or may not be interested in it, but because the kind of lawlessness exhibited by the Bush administration needs to be reigned in and those responsible made to stand before a court of inquiry.

A better political strategy would be to simply not talk up any intent the Dems might have to investgate Bush/Cheney et al, but letting these band of pricks slide off into the sunset is not right and will only set a precedent for future run-amok administrations. Ford's pardon of Nixon is one of the reasons we have these madmen in power today.