Tuesday, May 02, 2006

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Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
[and work cheaply with no benefits]
Emma Lazarus (1849 - 1887), poet

Illegal immigrants. I watched the news yesterday of the peaceful demonstrations and was a bit surprised to hear several of the protestors say they have rights. As illegal immigrants, they don’t have the rights of U.S. citizens. However, the blind eye politicians have turned to allow workers who are willing to toil for less has now come home to haunt them. Republicans who chant about a free market have allowed the market place to be skewed with cheap labor to keep wages artificially low, have once again be caught cheating to fill their pockets with gold.

A free market is the Republican mantra, but they allowed the market place to keep artificially low wages by allowing businesses to exploit cheap labor. Then they try to scare us with threats of high-priced fruits and other goods. Let the prices rise and then you’ll see a truly free market place as those items will no longer be purchased. Maybe then, some of the lands used for farming will be saved from more housing tracts and thus no longer helping the big corporate farms to consolidate even more power.

This country has been helping major businesses and the rich at the expense of the poor and now the tab is coming due. I see no choice but to create a plan that allows workers to become citizens. After such an amnesty program, it would then make sense to either tighten labor laws by going after businesses, not the workers.

Political News. Having written Toner Mishap for a year, I really delved into the political news and I discovered that both parties are truly similar, except W who is so ignorant and self-serving that his gang will be off the charts in historical context as the worse president this country has ever appointed and then elected. He is a nightmare.

Also, making my skin crawl is Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. He truly blows with the fat cat wind. He’ll offer a plan and then when its rejected by the White House or corporate influencers, he will change his mind.

Thus after a year of daily blogging that ended last October, and trying to keep up the blog now, I have far less enthusiasm for writing about the political nonsense that serves to do nothing except obscure the fact nothing gets done in Washington, unless it puts money into the pockets of corporate barons. So I will just write as the mood strikes.


Guerilla Gorilla said...

at first i thought, what the hell -- illegal immigrants? they're ILLEGAL. then i thought, how else to protest an unjust law (if that's what it is) than by civil disobedience? Rosa Parks wouldn't move to the back of the bus, and risked jail time to make a point. as i believe the U.S. should continue to be a home for the homeless and dispossessed of the world, regardless of the impact we'll have to absorb, i say more power to them -- trying to get a senator to listen to a phone call is not going to work; public peaceful demonstrations are the only way to get attention

viva la revoluccion!


Unknown said...

Dude..your not going to quit bloggin' are ya? I would be forced to drive over the Grapevine and jerk your chain :P..after all, I just found this blog ya twit!

off topic..there is a podcast you might enjoy..all podcasts are free via Itunes..its an interview w/Tom Hayden on the anniversary of the Port Huron Statement. its on RadioNation in the Itunes music store under podcasts..I am d/l it now..I was waiting for it to become available.

The Misanthrope said...

Guerilla, you actually brought a smile to my face today.[grunt]

Dusty, I am not going to stop, I just have to be realistic and not pretend I can do this everyday. Hell, I am on vacation this week and I don't feel like writing anything.

Unknown said...

Well, don't feel compelled to write daily..its not a requirement..thats why blogrolling is so great..We know when blogs are updated..we don't have to go to each one, just to find out nothing is new.

Busy people have lives..blogging should be fun and interesting..if it becomes work..pfffft!

If every blog I have blogrolled was updated daily..I would never get to read them all :P

You going to d/l the Tom Hayden piece? just curious..

The Misanthrope said...

Dusty, I can't find it. However, you did open my eyes to a bounty of information.

Anonymous said...

I try to update daily, even if it is some goofy shit or hot babe pics. Actually, you should take a page from my book...: P

Trish said...

It really sucked trying to find some chips and salsa yesterday. I'm glad those miscreants went back to work, dammit.

Trish said...

Does booger take a freakin' year to post a comment?

Chandira said...

"After such an amnesty program, it would then make sense to either tighten labor laws by going after businesses, not the workers."

That's about the most effing sensible thing I've heard anybody say on the matter, so you better keep blogging! So there! ;-)

I'm also an immigrant, as I've been reminding people. I'm lucky enough (? and ashamed enough? quite possibly, at this point in history) to be white, so I'm accepted a little better, but that's what I am. An immigrant. I was illegal too, for a while.