Monday, May 29, 2006

The Misanthrope – Miscellaneous Musings

We are closer to the ants than to the butterflies. Very few people can endure much leisure.
Gerald Brenan (1894 - 1987),writer and novelist

Holiday Weekend. What a nice holiday weekend. I spent two days imitating a southern hound dog while in Palm Springs. I fell asleep in the sun, I dozed in the shade, I took forty winks on a raft and sawed Zs on the chaise lounge. I can tell you without a doubt that I would never get bored living that life everyday.

Saturday Morning. I walked to the coffee shop, picked up newspapers, took them back to the house, and read them in the backyard before I exerted myself to put lotion on and rest upon the raft.

Reading. Besides the newspapers that reported W had a few regrets, (while the citizens of the country of have a lot because of him), and Cheney addressing a military academy still carry on about terrorists, but doing nothing about it except spying on its citizens and attacking a country that had nothing to do with terror against this country (meanwhile, Bid Laden is planning his summer vacation), I started and just about finished “Everyman” by Philip Roth and it is very good as are most of Roth’s books.

Playwriting. A colleague, who is a very talented playwright, got me started on 10-minute plays. I took a four-week course with her and wrote my first play. I used the Toner Mishap for inspiration and wrote the play on the Urinal Selection post penned by B2. It was nicely received by the class, Neil Simon and David Mamet don’t have to worry, but I had fun. The instructor sent out a notice for a five-minute playwriting contest, which I plan to enter. Jack’s post over at Random Thoughts was my inspiration for my short play with his post on a new multifunctional toilet that provides a gentle spray of water up your tush. I am not a big fan of bathroom humor, but these things just write themselves. We have a reading of our 10-minute play by actors next Saturday. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.


B2 said...

Just remember me when you start raking in the Tony awards. (A musical version entitled "Piss on This" is in the works, right?)

Anonymous said...

Writing a short (really short) play sounds like fun.

Jack Steiner said...

Count me in. I am curious to hear about it.

Rags said...

I'm jealous. Just not sure if I'm more jealous of the relaxing weekend or the ability to actually finish writing even a short play.

Speaking of plays, we kicked off our long weekend by going to see Steve Martin's new play, "The Underpants." Definitely recommended for some irreverent fun. But don't bring the kiddies.

Janet said...

Wait, I thought hound dogs were always crying all the time?


The Misanthrope said...

B2, or we can call it singing in the rain, oh, that has already been taken.

S.R. It is fun.

Jack, I get to see actors rehearse my 10-minute play on Saturday, then Sunday they perform for an audience.

Rags, the weekend and the plays were both fun. I saw "Underpants" last year or whenever it was in town. It was okay, not as good as Martin's "Picasso at the Lapin Agile."

Janet, they are sleeping when they ain't singing. However, you have given the logo for Misanthrope Beer, a hound dog cryin' in his beer.

Anonymous said...

Will this short play feature nudity?

Chandira said...

Awesome. I'm up for a spot of sleeping in next week, hopefully! :-)

You'd better publish that play here for us all to read!