Friday, January 04, 2008

Legoland, Part 3

Ah, the prurient eye at Legoland. For this installment of photos from my family's trip to Legoland, I present some images of the female form as represented at Legoland.

The Starlet

She wants to be Marilyn, minus the drug addiction and tragic death. Well, minus the tragic death. She's dressed to kill, and is vain enough to imagine that they're singing about her when they say, "she's a brick... house!" One question: are those crosses on her nipples?


It's really amazing how she's managed to keep herself looking so good at her advanced age.

Sleeping Beauty

Here we see Sleeping Beauty awaiting true love's kiss, with a fairly standard rack -- white and heaving, as her somnolent exhalations present her good side to her beloved.


Given our status as a web-based literary publication, we find ourselves using words and phrases we might not utter in public -- like MILF. Nonetheless, here we see a young mother disciplining her child; though her top isn't very revealing, it seems she *is* wearing a thong.

Middle-aged Bathing Beauty

Her husband is snapping vacation picks while she models her new swimsuit. Note how middle-age has exaggerated her breasts, but her bikini top does a good job of maintaining their pleasant shape.


What's up with this top? Is it stylish and minimalist, or is it just two diamonds attached with double-sided tape? The hat gives her game away -- she's a foreigner, and doesn't know any better.


The Misanthrope said...

Those photos are just too funny. I'm shocked, shocked at MILF at Lego Land no less.

Jack's Shack said...

A MILF at Legoland. Shocking. ;)

Attila said...

I see Legoland has attractions for the parents, too. Well, at least for the fathers.

Chandira said...

I have never heard those 2 words uttered in the same sentence before..

Lego Milf.