Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baseball Playoff Picks

Two things only the people anxiously desire,
Bread and the Circus games.

Juvenal (40–125), Roman satirical poet

I believe the Cubs will get into the World Series, but probably will need to return next year in order to win it all.

American League
Red Sox v. Angels: Angels
Yankees v. Indians: Yankees

Pennant: Angels

National League
Diamondbacks v. Cubs: Cubs
Rockies v. Phillies: Phillies

Phillies OTM
Cubs TM

World Series:
Angels v. Phillies OTM
Angels v. Cubs TM

Champions: Angels

Please share your picks.


sporksforall said...

Angels v BoSox: Angels
Indians v. Microsoft/US Steel: Indians

Indians v Angels: Angels

Rockies v. Phillies: Rockies
D-backs v. Cubs: D-backs

D-Backs v. Rockies: Rockies

WS: Angels over Rockies in 6

Brian S said...

I avoid picking because my teams always lose if I pick them--of course, they often lose when I don't, but I'm not dealing in reason here--and I've tried gaming the system and picking against my teams and that doesn't work either.

In short, I shall suffer in silence. :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the Angels. I grew up in north Orange County (the non-moneyed part), about 10 miles from Anaheim, and rooted for the hard-luck team throughout my childhood. Let's just say that the 2002 series was like the best day ever at Disneyland.

The Misanthrope said...
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The Misanthrope said...

Teresa, Brian has the right idea, since all my picks seem to be going down. I am afraid that the Angels will not survive to make it to the next round; I say this hoping I am once again proven wrong.

I will have to do a recap with all of our picks OTM, Sporks and mine.

sporksforall said...

Ok, so I'm 3 for 4 so far, but with a big error...

given the LDS (baseball should NOT be associated with Mormons), I'm revising thusly:

Rockies over the D-Backs
BoSox over the Indians
Rockies in 6

Talk to me next week about how sure I am. :)