Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Shameless Positioning

That a right-wing administration motivated by insatiable greed and sustained by murderous lies and led by a privileged dope should answer American’s infantile idea of morality – how do you manage to insulate yourself from stupidity so bottomless?
A Philip Roth character from Exit Ghost

I gave up on the Bush White House gang a long time ago, but I am still appalled that they continue with the same crap. And worse, continue to use dead soldiers to push through their agenda.

President Bush on Monday awarded the Medal of Honor to a navy SEAL mortally wounded two years ago in Afghanistan. Shortly after the Medal of Honor ceremony Bush requested $45.9 billion emergency funding for expenses related to U.S. military campaigns around the world.

The best thing Congress can do is to stop giving this administration money to carry out its worldwide calamities.

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