Thursday, August 09, 2007


“If they'd lower the taxes and get rid of the smog and clean up the traffic mess, I really believe I'd settle here until the next earthquake”
Groucho Marx (1895–1977), U.S. comic actor

I hate earthquakes!!! The one this morning was 4.5, but it was enough to wake me up and hope that it would not build into a long damaging quake. This one just swung back and forth. I didn't hear anything fall. They scare me half to death.

While the seismograph spikes my heart flat lines.


Jack Steiner said...

Fortunately it was relatively small.

The Misanthrope said...

Yes, 4.5 we can handle. But, as I mentioned at your site, a rumbling 18-wheeler sends me into a duck and cover position.

Anonymous said...

On the Mark says: I just got back from my honeymoon (although I use that word loosely with a 7-year-old part of it) and saw that the quake knocked the photo of The Misanthrope and me at Dodger Stadium off one of my bookshelves. The glass stayed intact.

Anonymous said...

On the Mark says: And now this from ABC news in LA:

A top seismologist is warning that another major earthquake is in our future, a big one that could devastate Southern California, from the desert to the sea.

Lucy Jones, of the U.S. Geological Survey says it's not a question of where but when a big quake will strike the Coachella Valley, sandwiched between the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults.

Jones says that region is long overdue, and the seismic clock is ticking.

Jones says a magnitude 7.8 quake or more could collapse major freeways, knock down buildings in Downtown L.A., kill thousands of people and cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage.

Officials in the Coachella Valley say they're taking her warning very seriously.